Mission South (Bluebonnet Area & Coastal Plains Area)

Adult Volunteer Application

All volunteers for youth programming must be currently active in a Congregation. Pastors of that congregation are required to fill out a reference form. It is strongly encouraged that you attend retreats throughout the year. Forms will be dated as they are received in the Area Office. All of these things will be contributing factors as to the selection of camp staff. You will also need to completed and turns in with your application consent for a background check. These should be completed each year for each person. Thank you for your application.

Please mark your camp preference: CYFEighter'sChi-RhoJuniorBeginners

Please list three references who are familiar with your work with youth:

Briefly describe your Christian faith journey, including participation in leadership roles:

Please state why you are interested in being part of the camp staff:

Please state what skills and strengths you will be bringing to the camp and staff:

Please list and describe any areas of growth that you have in regards to this particular ministry:

The covenants between persons seeking volunteer positions in the church require honesty, integrity, and truthfulness fort he health of the church. To that end, I attest that that the information set forth in this application is true and complete. I understand that any misrepresentation or omission given to this disclosure form and/or during interview(s) may be grounds for rejection of consideration for, or termination of the position that I am seeking to fill, regardless of when the misrepresentation omission is discovered. I acknowledge that it is my duty in a timely fashion to amend the responses and information I have provided if I come to know that the response or information was incorrect when given, or that the response or information has changed since given.